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Eastern Mediterranean Group -The New Naming List for severe Weather Events 2023-24

The 2022-23 European windstorm season was the deadliest European windstorm season on record. The most notorious system of the season was Storm Daniel, which became the deadliest and costliest medicane ever recorded and the deadliest tropical or subtropical system worldwide since Cyclone Nargis of 2008.

The 2022–23 season was the eighth instance of the European windstorm naming in Europe, with the season’s storm names being announced on 1 September 2022. Storms that occurred up until 31 August 2023 were included in this season, although the final one (Storm Daniel) was named on 4 September and lasted until 12 September.

This was the fourth season where the Netherlands participated, alongside the United Kingdom’s Met Office and Ireland’s Met Éireann in the western group. The Portuguese, Spanish, French and Belgian meteorological agencies collaborated for the sixth time, joined by Luxembourg’s agency (South-western group). This was the second season where Greece, Israel and Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean group), and Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Malta (Central Mediterranean group) named storms which affected their areas.

Eastern Mediterranean Group -The New Naming List for severe Weather Events 2023-24

The following names are chosen for the 2023–24 season in Greece, Israel and Cyprus


Avgi, Ben, Cornelius, Doros, Eden, Fedra, Gea, Hillel, Iris, Keren, Leonidas, Maria, Nir, Olympias, Petros, Qamar, Raphael, Sofia, Tal, Urania, Vyron, Widad, Xenophon , Yakinthi, Ziv

Naming conventions used in Europe are generally based on conditions that are forecast, not conditions that have actually occurred, as public awareness and preparedness are often cited as the main purpose of the naming schemes–for example, a reference. Therefore, an assignment of a storm name does not mean that a storm will actually develop.

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